As a custom option on all of our products, Stilewood offers complete distressing services through our in-house team of experienced distressing professionals.

Wood distressing or “antiquing” involves a technique of either a mechanical and/or chemical nature that is used to texture wood in order to provide an “aged” look or to replicate a certain age or period of time. By distressing, we are able to age the wood to whatever look you desire, and as a result, give the wood an antique feel. Distressing focuses on obvious worn areas, such as the corners or the bottom - places that most likely receive the most wear, damage and usage.

At Stilewood, we consider the process of distressing an art. Since the distressing and texturing process at Stilewood is done by hand, no two pieces can ever be identical or replicated. Therefore, by its very nature, distressing guarantees that every product is unique.

Stilewood helps you take the guess work out of distressing. We recognize the difficulty that you may have in making this complicated choice as there is no reversal or going back once the distressing process has been done. To assure you in your choice of distressing, the members of the Stilewood distressing department will assist you with every step of the process.

The staff at Stilewood are experts in the distressing of wood and have many years of experience creating unique and beautiful antiqued pieces. Our team will work closely with you to make sure that you understand the distressing process and that it is customized to your own preferences. The distressing process is easiest and most accurately understood once you see a sample of the work. Stilewood has these sample submissions available for you to view before your make your distressing choices.

Stilewood uses many techniques to achieve the effects of distressing including softening sharp corners, pillowing panels and corners, scarring, marring, scratching, denting, dinging, worm holing, rough texturing, huing and scalloping. Stilewood offers many distressing options that can be implemented on any of our doors and on any wood species.

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