As a custom option on all of our products, Stilewood offers complete pre-finishing services. One of the purposes of pre-finishing is to protect wood from the elements of weather as wood shrinks and expands as the moisture content changes. Pre-finishing protects the wood from reabsorbing water and protects the wood from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays on its surface.

Pre-finishing not only protects wood, it also provides an element of beauty to your finished product. Our comprehensive pre-finishing process ensures that the natural beauty and grain of the wood is highlighted and enhanced in every piece we do, bringing out the art of the wood. We also have the ability to match your pre-finishing choice with other elements in your home such as your furniture and cabinets. With a number of standard colors available, we also welcome any custom colour requests that you may have.

With our period reproduction furniture background and as part of our heritage, Stilewood takes the pre-finishing process to heart. Headed by Anthony Browne, our staff of pre-finishing experts are regarded as the best the industry has to offer. Selecting only the best pre-finishers, they are trained to provide a historical pre-finish at a level that is suitable for some of the finest churches, villas and movie sets worldwide. Our expert pre-finishers also help you select a colour choice and provide you with sample submissions of your final product.

At Stilewood, we use the finest stains and finishes for all of our pre-finishing work which includes staining, priming and painting options. Our pre-finishing process is very detailed, with each product undergoing a comprehensive process that ensures a uniform colour, texture, sheen and finish and that provides the ultimate in protection and durability for your doors. The result is a high quality, smooth, furniture-grade finish.

Pre-finishing is not an automated process, but one that incorporates old-world traditions and processes and one that does not allow technology to surpass old-world customs. As we are dedicated to providing “furniture for your walls,” we treat every one of our products like a piece of high-end furniture, ensuring a pre-finishing quality that is unmatched.


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