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It’s an exciting transformation – and an altruistic, forward-looking one. The Architecture Foundation of BC (AFBC) is becoming an education-based resource. AFBC’s vision: to build an architectural and design legacy for the people of British Columbia.

As its first initiative, AFBC will introduce architecture to BC students. The Foundation is building a curriculum for kindergarten and primary school educators to use in and out of classroom environments. AFBC recognizes the importance of exposing design to everyone, and sharing these ideas and concepts best begins early, when students are most open and impressionable.

Jurisdictions around North America benefit from the work of architecture and design foundations. You may be aware of such foundations’ work in other cities, from helping to build awareness for architecture and design, to education; from walking tours and exhibitions, to competitions and other events.

AFBC’s work depends on the ongoing support of our design community enthusiasts, foundation friends and sponsors – the Foundation thanks and salutes all who are passionate about architecture and design.

AFBC’s goals for the next 12 months:

  • Introduce the vision of AFBC to the design community
  • Engage design community participation through volunteer board or committee work
  • Gather specific feedback on educational programming
  • Support architecture and design community initiatives
  • Expand the board of directors

If you have questions, want to get involved and/or are interested in receiving a board nomination form, or would like to reach one of the board members, please feel welcome to contact AFBC at:

For further information, visit AFBC’s site.


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