Stilewood Installation Services

Headed by David Craigen, our staff of glaziers/installers are the best the industry has to offer.

Your project team can rest assured knowing that your fenestration and door systems are being installed to the highest of standards. That's important to you – and to us.

Prior to the physical installation process, we provide our customers with a detailed installation contract proposal which clearly spells out all the specifics. Enclosed in the installation schedule we state every maneuver from the prep of the sill to the caulking of the openings – this ensures that nothing goes unaccounted for.

Watch our installation video where we reached over 160 feet by using a 125-ton crane to install 1000-pound Unilux windows!




Be sure to watch our latest installation video: To install 2000-pound tempered and laminated sealed glass units, we used a 200-ton Palfinger folding boom crane – one of three in North America!



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