Design/Shop Drawings

At Stilewood, we have our own in-house design and drawing department that is managed by a team of experts. Our department consists of CAD drafting specialists and wood processing engineers who deal with technical specifications and engineering details in order to provide you with the most detailed drawings of your order.

All of our drawing files are produced using Autodesk’s AutoCAD. AutoCAD software is a worldwide standard in computer-aided design (CAD). With AutoCAD, Stilewood can efficiently create single drawings and deliver a coordinated set of drawings to our customers in a timely and accurate manner.

When working with Stilewood, prior to the start of processing, you will be provided with detailed shop drawings of all your products. This is done to help eliminate any errors and to confirm specific details on how your products will be constructed. Having our own in-house custom design team ensures that you have a complete understanding of the products you have ordered and provides you with the peace of mind that your product is built exactly the way you want it.

Stilewood shop drawings will indicate the methods of construction, material selections, grain direction(s), profiles, joint details, accessories, hardware and exact dimensions. These drawings serve as a communication tool between Stilewood and the customer and are the means by which the design intent is turned into reality.

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