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Steel of the highest mettle: Made in Italy, utilized throughout the world

“For us steel is not just a material – it is our life.”
– Pierpaolo Brombal, CEO, Serramenti Brombal

Perhaps famed Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani said it best: “The difference between style and fashion is quality.” For more than 50 years, Pietro Brombal has combined exquisite style with the highest technical standards to create the finest quality in thermally broken metal fenestration and door manufacturing worldwide.

Since 1970 Pietro’s family-run company, Serramenti Brombal, has operated out of the Italian village of Caselle di Altivole. At Stilewood we are proud to partner with this company that’s internationally renowned for elegance and artisanal craftmanship.

Serramenti Brombal offers four luxurious metals: stainless steel, brass, corten and galvanized steel. But beauty only gets you so far, which is why Brombal units are all thermally broken and tested to meet the highest performance standards in the world.

With that guarantee plus countless design options, your design team can focus on creativity rather than product availability.

Architects discover the flexibility in working with Brombal. Building professionals discover the full range of the company’s dedicated services. Homeowners discover the unique old-world craftmanship that sets Brombal apart. Combine all this with Stilewood’s hands-on project management approach – and the result is a partnership that you can trust.

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Watch Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig & Jim Dow of Schuchart/Dow give a video testimonial for Serramenti Brombal.


Photo Credits:
Architect: Vetter Denk
Photographer: Ryan Hainey

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