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When meeting someone for the first time, you want to make a good impression. That first impression is a lasting one, so the saying goes. The same holds true for your front door. It’s the first impression your visitors get of your home – and you want to make sure it’s a positive one.

In this first aspect of your house that people see, it’s vital to take every detail into consideration. By choosing with care, you ensure that the end product reflects the desired theme of your home, whether traditional or contemporary or avant-garde.

Here we offer tips, manufacturing considerations and industry trends for your front entry:

  1. Tip: Choose your wood species wisely
  2. Your choice of wood species will have more impact than you might think. Species such as mahogany, white oak and douglas fir are great for exterior application because of the natural oils and resins that will prevent the wood from rotting. By contrast, species such as alder and poplar are susceptible to rotting in an exterior environment and expand/contrast in certain climates.

  3. Consider: Certain woods tend to colour more with the exposure of UV rays
  4. Douglas fir is a notable example of a wood species that turns a red/orange colour with the exposure of ultraviolet rays. If you don’t want these colour tones but do decide on douglas Fir, make sure you design an overhang long and wide enough to protect the door from UV rays.

  5. Consider: Certain species have a greater range of colour selection for staining
  6. Remember that a naturally lighter-toned wood, such as white oak, can be stained in a variety of different ways, by contrast to a darker wood such as mahogany. Although both woods finish and accept stain beautifully, the difference is in the range of colour selection.

  7. Industry trends: Flush front-entry systems with metal inlays
  8. This is where the magic happens. Get creative! Be bold and combine metal elements with fibrous natural-wood material. Contemporary homes around the world are being designed with these never-before-seen front-entry systems – and are they ever spectacular! Check them out here in Stilewood’s gallery.

  9. Industry trend: Automated front-entry systems
  10. In designing your front-entry unit, be sure to remember the important aspects of: ease of use; and functionality. Check out this impressive example of pivot-door automation from the Italian-based, luxury-metal-window and door manufacturer Serramenti Brombal.



Why not open the door right now to a view of Stilewood’s front-entry door gallery? An elegant variety of different designs and applications is waiting for you right here.


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