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November 2018

With Stilewood, you get industry-best installation – with all the specifics laid out first


At Stilewood we believe in customer satisfaction, not customer surprises. Before our experienced installers and glaziers show up to provide you with their industry-best, full-installation services, we meet with you and clearly set out all the specifics.

Together, we carefully go over with you our detailed installation contract proposal. It’s important to you – and to us – that you understand and feel comfortable with all elements of it. And, that you understand your fenestration and door systems are being installed to the highest standards.
Enclosed in the installation schedule, we specify every manoeuvre, from the prep of the sill to the caulking of the openings. This ensures that every step is accounted for in advance of the actual physical installation.

stilewood installation

We take pride in giving our clients this essential pre-installation service. For instance, a homeowner might desire a million-dollar-view of a distant mountain. Such a view might only be possible through a 220-square-foot piece of glass. To get the glass installed, we might have to use a 200-ton crane to reach 200 feet over a house and needle the glass in.

Whatever a homeowner wishes, as a leading authority on complex installations we provide them and all our clients with the following:

  • Tightest tolerances in the industry – yet another industry best. Products are installed within a 2-mm tolerance of plumb, level and square.
  • Site measurement of each opening prior to having the windows ordered.
  • Full window-opening preparation, e.g., installing waterproofing membrane and building paper, as required.
  • Work with the project’s building envelope consultant to ensure that the project conforms to the consultant’s specifications.
  • Work with the general contractor for site scheduling of installations of windows and doors.
  • Organize and schedule manpower, cranes and other specialized equipment as needed.

Be sure to watch our latest installation video: To install 2000-pound tempered and laminated sealed glass units, we used a 200-ton Palfinger folding boom crane – one of three in North America!


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